Hybrid Cars

BYD Celebrates Success After Promising Taxi Trials

In China, the BYD Automobile Company has quickly worked their way into the upper echelons of the Chinese automobile industry since their founding in 2003 with a variety of very popular vehicle models. The company also has managed to gain the distinction of being the first automobile company to provide a mass produced plug-in electric with their F3DM model.

Mitsubishi Outlines Plans to Unleash Eight Green Vehicles by 2015

Despite having a long history in the automobile business, Mitsubishi Motors contributions to the green vehicle industry in recent years have so far not shown as much dedication as some other Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Toyota Plays Their Latest Hand at the 2011 Auto Show

Since Toyota is one of the biggest Japanese automobile manufacturer’s pushing for the development of electric vehicles and hybrids cars, it is no surprise that they have felt at home on the showroom floors of the various auto shows in recent months.

Honda and Mitsubishi Both Make Reveals at the LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show has been host to a series of green vehicle announcements. With Toyota making their big announcements concerning new electric vehicle models and Buick announcing their first hybrid vehicle, the sports utility and luxury vehicle markets have had a touch of green.

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