Integrated Reporting

Focus on CR & Information: ESG and Creating a Better Business Record

Business value today is being calculated with a new method: the integrated reporting of all material factors. How does this “information governance” work?

New Framework for Corporate Reporting to Integrate Sustainability and Financial Data

Investors and companies can give feedback on the International Integrated Reporting Framework, which will standardize the integration of sustainability perfo

COMMIT!Forum Highlights Future of Integrated Reporting

NEW YORK — Addressing the COMMIT!Forum on Wall Street yesterday, Ernst Ligteringen, Chief Executive of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), suggested that the GRI's upcoming G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines will offer greater guidance for companies seeking to integrate sustainability performance data into their annual financial reporting.

BASF Sets High Standards for CSR Reporting in Germany

BASF Corporation, one of Europe’s leading CSR lights, recently published their latest integrated annual report.

Can We Really Put Sustainability into Boxes?

Last week I attended the JustMeans conference "Refining Value: Integrated Reporting and Measuring Sustainability" in London, which brought together leading investors and top CSR executives, including the likes of BP and Nestle public affairs directors.

Can CSR Stand Up to “Fat-Finger” Freddie?

Most will remember the “flash crash” of May 6 in which the Dow plummeted 700 points and then – oops! -  the market didn’t really mean it.  Swoosh – back up all is well again.

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