Exclusive Q&A with Audrey Choi, CEO, Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing

If you think that sustainable investing requires a trade-off around performance, Morgan Stanley's Audrey Choi wants to change your mind.

Canadian Benchmark Jantzi Social Index Announces Fund Changes

Sustainalytics has announced changes to the Jantzi Social Index (JSI) based on an annual review. The index of 60 Canadian ESG leaders acts as a performance benchmark for institutional investors and financial institutions, and is based in the TSX 60 Index.

Eye on the Prize: Building the Next Generation of Savvy Investors, One Girl at a Time

An innovative program by ING and Girls Inc. is challenging the Wall Street "boys club" paradigm by giving girls hands-on investment experience

New Home(s) For UK Green Investment Bank

£3bn of UK taxpayers money has been allocated to help businesses finance early-stage, new and untested renewable energy projects through the Green Investment Bank (GIB), which will incidentally, be the world’s first bank dedicated to supporting a low carbon economy.

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