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SimplyHired Integrates Facebook: Useful or Not?

In April 2010, SimplyHired announced its integration with the Facebook platform to create a social media- based job search tool. Until this partnership, SimplyHired was just a place to explore jobs by location while Facebook was a place for friends to connect, exchange information, crack jokes, and share pictures. Now, your Facebook connections can help you search for jobs.

Six Companies with Stellar Employee Perks

A responsible career goes beyond a calling or cause. In addition to enabling you to work for a goal or cause, a career should help you improve your lifestyle. Believe it or not, perks can go beyond basic salaries and health insurance to help you balance your quality of life. Especially if you're in an environment with 40+ hour work weeks, you need time to relax.

2 Responsible Job Hunting Tips on Articulating Your Fit.

Job hunting tips to help you get hired by picky organizations that get business done better!

Unemployment: A Demographic & Geographic Analysis

In its September Outlook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national unemployment rate remains strong at just under 10 percent. Translated, this number says that about one in ten Americans in the job market are unemployed.

Job Hunting Tips & Resources for Busy Freelance Writers

Here are some job hunting tips to make your freelance writing career more profitable.

Three Job Hunting Tips to Give You a Competitive Edge in a Down Economy

Learn to think strategically when job hunting in a terrible economy.

Career Planning & the Stimulus: Are More Layoffs Around the Corner?

A major portion of the stimulus package may end on Thursday. What happens next?

Post-Recession Career Choices - Are You Ready for Your Next Responsible Career Move?

Labor demand is increasing, are you ready to make the most of the responsible career choices available to you?


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