natural variability

Climate Change Vocabulary: Aerosols

Aerosols are a climate change riddle waiting to be answered.

Australia's Floods: A Climate Change Opportunity?

Australia's floods offer insight into our future in a changing climate.

Climate Change Causing Lakes to Warm

A new study shows large lakes are warming quickly. Why should you care? (There's lots of reasons it turns out.)

New Climate Change Clue: Pressed Flowers?

150 year old pressed flowers could hold clues to the future effects of climate change.

Climate Change Vocabulary: Indicators

Without monitoring indicators, we wouldn't understand any of the effects of climate change. So what do they tell us?

New Studies Document Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the Arctic

Climate change will be felt no more intensely than in the Arctic. What did two new studies find?

New Study Asks Experts About Climate Change Uncertainties

A new paper asks 14 leading climate researchers what the key uncertainties for climate change are.

Hurricane Season Effects

Part Two in a two part series examining the causes, including climate change, and effects of hurricanes

Hurricane Season Causes: Climate Change Versus Natural Variability

Part One in a two part series examining the causes and effects of hurricanes.

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