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Vaccinations Not Linked to Autism, Says New Study

A new study shows that children who receive several vaccines at an early age do not run higher risks of developing autism, a finding that contradicts many of U.S. parents who believe that "too many vaccines too soon" increases the chances their children will develop autism.

Healthy Neighbors, Healthy You: Kaiser Permanente Invests $14.2 Million to Support Community Health

Second quarter grants will help over 500 community organizations across America, highlighting the power of social capital

Women's Health: Tsunamis, Natural Disasters, Resilience and Coping Revisited: A Little Help is Good

A few weeks ago, I posted an article that largely agreed with a researcher's findings that people are naturally resilient and many coping interventions are minimally useful or potentially harmful.  A reader responded, and I promised to go back and look at my sources.  This article summarizes some positive aspects of coping interventions following natural disasters.

Modern Drug Marketing: An Unsustainable Model

Cymbalta.  Abilify.  Lunesta, Chantix and that drug for "when the time might be right."  As a consumer and especially as a psychologist, it unsettles me when I see television ads exhorting potential clients to ask a doctor about a specific drug.  Even if I do not believe general practitioners or specialists know bes

Human Trafficking as a Public Health Crisis: Part 2

This is the second part of a three-part series focusing on human trafficking from a public health perspective.


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