Hospital In California’s Drought Stricken Central Valley Will Use Recycled Water

In case you live in a bubble and don’t know that California is in the third year of one of its worst droughts, driving through many towns in the state this summer might give you a clue something is not normal. Many public properties feature brown lawns, as do many lawns in residential areas. The San Joaquin Valley is one area that is already dry due to its desert climate.

Try Recycling Jobs Instead of Trading Them Away

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - President Obama would like to create more jobs for American workers. One way he is attempting to do that is by negotiating more free trade agreements. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from Bill Clinton, who pushed through the disastrous NAFTA trade bill and several others like it.

Recycling Council of Ontario Re-Launches Waste Program

garbage_cans1“What gets measured matters” applies as much to solid waste diversion as to any other area of sustainability performance reporting.

More Major Companies Embrace New Recycling Label

rei-labelClorox (NYSE:CLX) has become the latest company to join a new and growing labeling scheme that seeks to help U.S. consumers understand how to properly recycle or dispose of all elements in a product's packaging.

H&M Launches Worldwide Collection Service

H&M launches recycling collection points worldwide, aims at creating close-loop fiber production

The North Face Will Pay You to Recycle Your Clothes

the-north-face-clothes-the-loopThe North Face, the world's largest outdoor clothing company, has announced a new recycling program designed to reduce the amount of clothing and footwear the goes to landfills.

Recycle Bowl Winners Announced; Winning School Recycles Almost 50 Pounds per Student!

recycling-binThe winners of the second annual Recycle Bowl have been announced, with Taylor Primary School in Kokomo, Ind. taking first prize in the nationwide recycling competition for elementary-, middle- and high-school students. Taylor Primary took home $4,500 in prize money for recycling 47 pounds of waste per child, topping a list of more than 1,500 participating schools.

Long Beach Goes Green with Recyclebank

Long Beach citizens now can profit from sustainable behavior thanks to deal with Recyclebank.

Thousands of Events Scheduled for America Recycles Day

recyclingThe 15th annual America Recycles Day is just six weeks away. The only nationally-recognized day dedicated to recycling, America Recyles Day will be held on November 15, 2012. Thousands of events will be held across the country to educate Americans about recycling and urge them to sign pledges to recycle and purchase products made from recycled materials.


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