Renewable Energy

Baxter Reports Sustainability, Renewable Energy Progress

Baxter has released its latest sustainability report, presenting advances in emissions, clean energy and human rights.

With New Commitments, Walmart Shines as Renewable Energy Leader

Walmart Senior Vice President Larry Mahoney and Operations Manager Marc Sorce discuss logistics and sustainability at the 2011 Walmart Sustainability Milestone Meeting.

Mexico’s Largest Cement Company Makes Push for Sustainability

Luis Farias has an obsession. The vice president for energy and sustainability at CEMEX, the Mexican cement company worth more than $13 billion, is "obsessed" with reducing his company's carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy Technologies Make Desalination More Sustainable

Technology companies would like to make desalination a more sustainable process.

Kendall-Jackson Goes Green With Renewable Energy Commitment

Kendall-Jackon powers its sustainability credentials with renewable energy.

PTC Renewal Is a Victory for American Wind, but Only Short-Term

America's wind energy sector is breathing a sigh of relief after the on-again, off-again Production Tax Credit was extended. But the nation still lacks a long-term renewable energy policy

Utilities Embrace Sustainable Power to Meet Customer Demand

Utilities add sustainable power to their energy mix to meet customer demand.

Campbell Facility to Be Powered by Its Own Organic Waste

Ohio has been making headlines as the pivotal swing state in the Presidential election, overshadowing a groundbreaking clean-tech partnership announced in the Buckeye State this week.

Unprecedented Carbon Reductions Needed to Prevent Catastrophe, Reports PwC

At least six degrees Celsius of global warming could be possible by century's end if current rates of growth in fossil fuel emissions remain stable, according to a new analysis from PwC, one of the "Big Four" accounting firms.


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