Renewable Energy

Coalition of Leading U.S. Businesses Supports Michigan’s Renewable Energy Amendment

A coalition of major U.S. companies announced its support today for Michigan's Prop 3, which seeks to amend Michigan's constitution to require at least 25 percent of the state's electricity to come from renewable energy sources by 2025.

Coming to Casablanca: The United States and the Maghreb Build Economic Partnership

For businesses seeking to access North Africa's emerging market, NAPEO offers a window of opportunity for long-term sustainability through public-private partnerships

New Report Highlight Brazil’s Sustainable Energy Mix

Brazil highlights its sustainability credentials with report on its energy mix and the role of renewable energy.

Germany Leads the Way in Sustainable Energy

Germany break a new record in sustainable energy generation.

Goldman Sachs' $40 Billion Clean Energy Investment: Sustainable Finance Awesomeness or Public Relations Ploy?

A ten-year financial commitment to green energy is a good thing. So why all the cynicism?

At its annual shareholder meeting Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey, Wall Street behemoth Goldman Sachs announced that it plans to invest $40 billion into global renewable energy projects over the next decade.

Japanese Banks Extend Biggest-Ever Loan to Grow Nation's Wind Sector

UK wind turbine company to be bought by Japanese PPP for $874 million

Japan produces a lot of energy, ranking third in terms of electricity production after the United States and China. But it has some catching up to do in wind power, ranking 13th in the world in terms of installed wind capacity.

Monsieur Hollande's Opus: Sustainable Finance and a Socialist France

A Socialist in the Élysée Palace. What does that mean for sustainable finance?

In defeating Nicholas Sarkozy in the French presidential election, Francois Hollande has become the first left-wing president since Francois Mitterrand left office in 1995. Proponents of sustainable finance should be saying, "Très bien!"

Partial Eclipse of the Sun: Cloudy Days Ahead for Solar Energy Sector

Just hours before trading was to begin, BrightSource Energy cancelled its I.P.O. Is the light of the sun dimming on the solar industry?

Great Danes: Denmark Makes Huge Leap Toward Fossil Fuel-Free Future

Last week, Denmark rolled out the world's most ambitious green energy policy. Held og lykke!


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