Renewable Energy

Rise of the Green Dragon: China Tops 2012 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

"It's little surprise that emerging markets fare well in the rankings, considering the economic turbulence in the developed world." -- A.T. Kearney 2012 FDI Confidence Index

2011 Sustains Greatest Disaster-Related Economic Losses in History

"Nature is stronger than any of our designs. And nature resists our control." -- Michael Pollan, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley{1}

UN Calls For Sustainable Energy Revolution

UN says the path to development for the world's poor must be fueled by clean energy.

An Affair with the Wind of the Highlands: Scotland's Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

"Across Scotland we have the opportunity to deliver 130,000 jobs in the low carbon economy by 2020." -- Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland

Nuclear Reactions: Six Months After Fukushima, the World Readjusts

"Nuclear power is safe and nuclear power is clean and nuclear power is renewable." -- President George W. Bush, September 4, 2006

The Almighty Peso: Sustainable Investing in Mexico

"Companies are looking for the best place to invest. It's obvious that Mexico has been that place for North America." -- Bruno Ferrari, Mexico Minister of Economy

Air Force: Science and Regulation Dovetail to Give Wind Power a Boost

"The global wind power available 30 feet off the ground is greater than the world's electricity usage, several times over." -- John Daibri, California Institute of Technology."

Can Geothermal Power Help China Meet its Energy Needs?

Faced with a need to find cleaner sources of energy, geothermal power could help China meet increasing demand.

Google, US Department of Energy Help Make Giant Solar Plant a Reality

The Ivanpah Solar System will receive $168 million from Google, and $1.6 billion from narrowly-spared DOE loan program.


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