social capital

David Cameron's Big Society Part 1

Britain's prime minister David Cameron envisions a "Big Society' of social entrepreneurs. Find out what he has in mind.

Social Enterprise Guide: Standardizing Social Return on Investment Accounting

A standardized method must be created to calculate social return on investment, but it will not be easy.

Social Media: Too Much Transparency, or Not Enough?

Social media expert danah boyd says online data needs to include more context -- "or we'll never get privacy right"

VCs: Dead or Alive?

Are traditional venture capitalists the latest type of middleman being dis-intermediated by the Web?

Six New Rules for Social Enterprise Start-ups

Start-up CEOs headlining this week's Stanford Summit share six tips for getting off the ground in today's climate

Getting People to Care: 4 Tips for Social Innovators

Influencing behavior is a big challenge for social innovators - and one of the year's hot new conference topics

Echoing Green Announces Social Entrepreneurs Selected as 2010 Fellows Part 3 of 3

Individually, each social enterprise selected as a 2010 Echoing Green Fellow demonstrates initiative and innovation, channeling their passions to address formidable social challenges. Collectively, spanning four continents and half-a-dozen fields, these social entrepreneurs are the catalysts of change, paving a new way to a better future!

"BP Makes Me Sick" Drive Launches Today

Activists use social media to raise pressure on BP to let clean-up workers wear protective gear against toxic spill

Activists Launch Petition Drive for Facebook Users' Bill of Rights

Silicon Valley activists seek broad support for their new 14-point rights manifesto for social network users

Social Enterprise, Social Media Follow-up

More editorial on the dichotomy between social enterprise and social media


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