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World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Class of 2017

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The World Economic Forum is now in its 47th year. It’s famous for its annual summit in Davos attended by luminaries in multiple industries. But It is also known for selecting and bringing together a yearly community of over 800 Young Global Leaders (YGL)—enterprising and socially-minded men and women, all under the age of 40.

WE DO. Print Runs The Perfect Apprentice Scheme For Disadvantaged Youth

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Rising tuition fees and low pay for UK graduates has led to a rapid rise in apprenticeships, as young people seek an alternative to academic qualifications.

Launch Of The Swat Valley Guild: Reclaiming Its Artisan Heritage

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The world has come to know Pakistan as a country riddled for decades by war and violent conflict, with an economy in collapse. Nestled here is the Swat Valley region, once called the ‘Switzerland of the East’ by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Students Make Big Impact in Intercollegiate Volunteering Challenge

A competition to promote social and environmental responsibility on college campuses is launching on Monday, Jan. 22. Undergraduate schools will vie for several prizes in a competition to generate to the greatest social or environmental benefits.

2012: My Year of Learning, Talking and Writing About Sustainability

What I learned, who I talked to and why we need to rethink the idea of a "quantum leap" to get to a sustainable future

Together We Solve: Tackling Global Development Through Collaborative Social Enterprise

A new public-private collaboration unleashes the power of universities and social entrepreneurship to solve the world's most pressing developmental problems

Ethical Fashion Startup Veraly Seeks to Develop New Niche

A new startup will make it easier than ever to find and purchase ethically produced apparel and accessories. Veraly, an ethical fashion ecommerce site, plans to run beta testing through September leading up to a public launch later this year.

A Call to the Man Behind Europe’s CSR Strategy

It’s been four months since the EU launched its 2011 – 2014 strategy for CSR and Tom Dodd, CSR Policy Adviser at the European Commission, was one of the key players in delivering the updated definition and overall document.


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