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Summit Series for Social Entrepreneurs: Highlights

The invitation-only gathering of under-40 social entrepreneurs calls for more urgent, cross-sector collaboration

A wish list for 2009: Building the next generation of social enterprise

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<p>As we bid adieu to 2008 and begin to peek into 2009, it is time to take stock of where we have been and make plans for where we'd like to be.</p>

The end of the road for social enterprise?

<p>Recently I've found myself letting out an involuntary sigh whenever anyone says the words "social enterprise".<br /> <br /> The fact that I keep sighing is a bit of a problem, as I aim to make a living out of social enterprise.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I like terms that say exactly what they do on the tin.&nbsp; The term social enterprise doesn't do that.&nbsp; I can't help but think that social enterprise is a term that has its roots in the days when we were all a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being in business, even if it was for a social purp


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