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Catchafire Launches Service to Match Volunteers and Non-Profits

Catchafire is a platform that helps match volunteers with professional skills with non-profits and social enterprises.

UK’s Privatization of Social Services Will Test Social Enterprise

As the UK considers transferring public service delivery to social enterprises, a debate heats up.

SocialVest Allows You to Do Good While Shopping

SocialVest allows consumers to make charitable donations based on their shopping purchases.

Discussion on digital exclusion: The most important divide of the 21st Century?

A panel of the UK's leading experts in IT will discuss the role of IT and wellbeing at the launch of new report.

Seedco Financial On Social Enterprise, Part 2: Cross-Sector Partnerships

Seedco Financial's cross-sector partnerships are a model for social enterprises. Find out why.

Seedco Financial on social enterprise

The success of Seedco Financial in NYC contains lessons for social enterprises. Read on to discover them.

Arizona Social Enterprise Reflects Development of U.S. Nonprofits

Marc Center of Mesa, which serves the disabled, is a non-profit that has grown since 1957 by adapting to the times.

Greenpeace and Facebook: Can firms be coerced into becoming social enterprises?

Greenpeace is pressuring and poking Facebook into social responsibility. Will it work? Is it moral?

Cockpit Arts to receive social enterprise award

Cockpit Arts recognized for bringing social enterprise into neglected niches within the humanities

Two of UK’s Leading Social Enterprises to Join Forces

The DTA and bassac, two of the UK's leading community development social enterprises, announced a merger today.


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