Social Investment

Does ownership matter in social business?

<p>I find myself becoming increasingly impatient for change.&nbsp; I'm 35 now and have been actively involved in this social business game for 10 years or so.

The start-up incubator sideshow

<p>When I was a tyke, I used to love staying up all night to watch the <a href="">Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon</a>. Not only did the charitable cause legitimize behavior that was otherwise verboten for young me, but the show transformed TV itself into a participatory medium.

Alliances For Change

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Should social entrepreneurs not bother with a business plan?

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Sales and Marketing 'R' Us

<p>I was really struck this week by&nbsp;<a id="ebqh" title="Martin Sorrell" href="">reports</a> that Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO of WPP, one of the world's largest advertising conglomerates, has been giving speeches about the end of consum

Microcredit Promotes Ecological and Economical Sustainability

<p>To those of us who live in the industrialized world, living more sustainably is mostly a matter of choice. We can choose to drive less. We can choose food which is grown locally. We can boycott brands with a poor track record on social issues. We can choose to invest our savings in firms and funds which avoid practices which we deem unfavorable.<br /> <br /> Sadly, for more than a billion people, there is no choice.

Just do it!

<p>I feel so much better today than I did yesterday, having listened to a very inspiring talk on the wonderful <a href="">Social Conversations network</a> by an economist at Chicago University, David Galenson. He described his research into creativity.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

<p>The global microfinance revolution is about unleashing power.&nbsp; Even small loans can enable poor communities to transform their skills and energy into higher incomes.&nbsp; This is the basic idea celebrated by the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.&nbsp; It meshes with economic theory, and it&rsquo;s backed by thousands of success stories.<br /> &

Microfinance at a 4th of July Picnic

<p>I took my 3 sons to the DC suburbs for the July 4th weekend.&nbsp; The highlight was the annual picnic in my parents&rsquo; neighborhood (pony rides, egg toss competition, blueberry bake-off).&nbsp; One of my parents&rsquo; friends, someone who has been around the international development scene for decades (including a stint at the World Bank), disturbed the patriotic revelry to give

Seller's remorse

<p><a href="">The New York Times</a> has just posted an article on the sad price of entrepreneurial success--selling the business to someone who does not share your vision for the company you founded.&nbsp; <br />


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