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Technology Changing the UK's Advertising Landscape

Is there a risk that Google will overtake ITV as the biggest source of UK advertising?

Airbnb: A Successful Business Model Where Everyone Wins

Airbnb, a fairly new, online company that was founded on a simple concept – providing people who need a place to stay and people who have a spare space a tool to connect – recently achieved one million nights booked.

Celebrities Embrace Web 2.0 and Twitter

Celebrities have embraced social media like Twitter, making it easy for fans to establish a connection with them.

Technology Giving UK Shoppers the App to be Ethical

New technology via an app on your mobile phone allows UK shoppers to get real-time advice on the ethical status of good

Social Media Trends: Crowdfunding Making Dreams Come Through

Crowdfunding provides alternative sources of cash for start-ups & innovation.

SMART_2011 Got UK Businesses to Think About Social Media Trends

Incisive Media’s inaugural SMART_2011 conference in Central London got businesses to think about social media.

My 2011 Technology Predictions

As we ring in 2011 around the world here are my predictions for our digital and technology world...

Square A Clever Bit Of Technology

Dorsey has strong confidence in Square and believes that this payment system suits the US business community.

Common Creative Seeks To Change Dynamics of Web 2.0

Common Creative changing the dynamics of sharing and copyright on the web.

Use Social Media Trends to Join the Party

Social media equals opportunity and it's time to take advantage.


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