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China might have used its technology & powers to spy

On the back of WikiLeaks a report raises the prospect that China may have used its powers over the Internet and spied.

Anonymous Hitting Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has turned into a world of espionage with more twists and turns than a James Bond film.

Social Media Content, Part 1: Strategy

Looking at how to effectively create social media content, starting with building content strategies

Technology: TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards

On 6 December I braved the cold to attend the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards at the House of Lords, London...

Technology & Gamification

I have become smitten with the whole idea of gamification and how it will filter into other sectors.

Technology: China Has A World Supercomputer

China owns one of the top five supercomputers in the world.

Technology: WikiLeaks

Are the WikiLeaks really in the interest of us as global citizens? Is it a force for good? Or is it data terrorism?

Buy Life on World AIDS Day with KCA

Africa my motherland why do they do you so?

And yet your faith is strong

Even though you are weary of being hurt for so long

You are resilient

Your light may flicker at times but

Your veins are tied to the beginnings of life

So I say to the world tonight

Give to the Motherland and apologize

Insurers & Social Media Trends: Not A Healthy Mix

American insurers are testing the personal data on the Internet to predict people's health and life expectancy...

Web 2.0 Is All About Social

For every business, whether big or small is about how to make their site truly social.


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