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Twitter's "Airport Joker" headed to High Court

Quite recently, the hashtag #I am Spartacus spread as a mini-revolution on Twitter sparking a debate about whether the principles of free speech applied to social media. Paul Chambers for whom Twitter users showed their support and protested was

Social Media Trends: Can You Spot A Scam?

Scammers become increasingly sophisticated as they target individuals and businesses online; can you spot a scam?

Social Media Trends: Curation

Looking at how the behavior of consumers should influence businesses marketing strategy in the coming year.

Charities Learning About Social Media Trends

A day targeted for the not-for-profits about the latest social media trends; it was no ordinary event...

Path: The Path to a Limited Social Network is Here

With recent speculation about what social networks have done to the word "friendship" and what it means, Path has been revealed as an exclusive "personal network." A former  executive at Facebook and Apple, Dave Morin seeks to change your social media world by making it more personal.

Spending your Internet Time on Facebook?

It is no surprise that Facebook is hogging most of our Internet time nowadays- primarily due to the number of functions it allows us. At the moment, this social media site accounts for one out of four page views in the United States, which amounts to 10% of Internet visits.

Amazon's Technology Wish List

Amazon, the online retailer could soon be offering us the opportunity to swap bad presents for items we do want.

Facebook's Email (Don't Call it Email) Technology Has Google Nervous

Facebook just introduced a revamp to their messaging system. Users are excited, but Google is nervous.

Social Media Trends: Bringing it home (to the real world)

Looking at location as it relates to and informs social media development.

Social Media Trends: Loyalty Cards

Looking at the social media trend, similar to mobility, of digital loyalty and membership cards.


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