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Today's Viral Video: Fox 4 Pokes Fun at Social Media

You have to love social media to love one of the latest videos that has just gone viral. Funny, how the term ‘viral’ isn’t restricted to describing the common flu anymore. It actually works better to describe what we “catch” over social media nowadays. And mostly, it’s something funny.

Facebook Story of the Day

Were you aware that you that you can read people’s Facebook experiences with this social media site on Facebook Stories? Well, to put things in perspective, a few months ago when Facebook amassed half a billion people on their site; they decided to pay a tribute to their users.

Britain's Biggest Security Threat Is Cyber Warfare & Technology

Britain’s biggest threat to national security is hostile computer attacks on its cyberspace.

Social Media Trends: Competition

Examining the affect of competition in the social media world, specifically that of video sharing.

Web 2.0:Tom Hanks To Bring Us A Digital Series, Electric City

Tom Hanks, who needs no introduction, has announced that his company, Playtone will be working with Reliance Big Entertainment, a media company in India to bring us ‘Electric City’, an animated internet based series covering a multi-platform web 2.0 digital experience in early 2011.

This National Mammography Day, Make a Mammogram Promise

If you haven’t already shown your support to the breast cancer cause this month, there is a way to do so. I know things got a little rough last week when I spoke out loud against the “I like it on” meme that spread over social media. But then, something wonderful happened over social media.

Social media trends: Baby Boomers

Considering the social media trend of niche marketing and the options for Baby boomers it produces:

India Needs The Muscle Of Government To Make Technology Happen

India has potential for a digital market to take off, but needs the muscle of the Indian government to turn things round and address this basic issue of infrastructure

Study: The International Social Network

People are spending more time on social networking sites for communication purposes rather than e-mail nowadays. With the rise of mobile technology it becomes second nature to do since you are connected to the Internet on the go.

This Movember: Men's Health over Social Media

If you’ve always wanted to sport a moustache, here’s your chance. Movember is back! I’ll admit it was a lot of fun seeing my friends emulate Burt Reynolds and every time we stumbled on a Tom Selleck look-alike in our news feed, it sure made our day.


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