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Social Media Trends: Is it too Late for Myspace to be Saved?

Is is time to say goodbye to Myspace? The company is making some big moves this month to try and stay relevant.

Magazines Getting To Grips With Digital & Social Media Trends

Digital and social media trends have shaken the industry, but now they are getting to understand how to embrace it.

Web 2.0: Manage your Life with Life Allowance

Life Allowance helps manage life's activities by setting quotas & limits for positive and negative actions.

Technology: UK Social Media Mums Say No To Government

UK Mums using the digital airways to fight back against the governments plans to cut Child Benefit.

I do NOT “like” it on Breast Cancer Awareness

What is it about lewdness or “ harmless fun” that gets the most attention over media these days? Social media just makes it easier for people to get more playful with it and the “I like it on” meme, though backed by pure intentions over grave matters is disturbing. Some would argue with this.

History via Social Media: Ask America Road Trip

We just talked about how Ask America is an ingenious effort by Yahoo! to get public opinion by ways of a social media platform. However, Ask America is doing a little more than asking you to participate and speak out your mind on a website.

Top 3 Social Media Trends: What's Hot?

Now that I have vented some of my ‘resident’ annoyances with social media, I hereby present a list of what I think is notable. Lately, everyone is doing their part and sharing what they deem important to make the world a better place using social media networks- which I feel is the right way to go.

Web 2.0 & The Launch Of The Ecademy Digital School

Ecademy Digital School training and building a global network of digital coaches

Black-listing Craig's List

Examining an unlikely social media outlet: for its effective use in business and promotion.

Must Read: 2010 Study Of Social Media Trends & Journalism

Online European research conducted by Cision Media Research looks at social media trends within the media industry...


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