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Social Media Twitter King Stephen Fry Publishes His Latest Book With An App

Stephen Fry publishes his latest book, The Fry Chronicles as an eBook, a hardback novel & an iPhone app

Companies Using Software to Tap Into Staff Innovation To Keep On Growing & Going

Business Week recently reported on how Pitney Bowes executives are using a program called Idea Central from a UK company called Imaginatik Plc for company innovation, which involves putting the company’s challenges to its workforce to find the solutions.

Using Social Media...socially

First in a series of how to improve social media use and make social media work effectively in your favor

Social Media: Being informed about informing

Looking at's revolutionary way of researching, creating and handling social media and its campaigns.

Instant Insight: Google Unveils Its New Search Engine

Google Instant represents the single largest change to Google's search portfolio in the company's 12 year history!

The Dangerous Cocktail of Internet Gossip & Britain's Foreign Secretary

This story is about how the power of social media stripped bare the UK's Foreign Secretary's personal life...

Germany Getting Ready To Create A Law To Protect The Privacy Of Its Citizens On-line

Germany could be the first country to slap legal restrictions on the use of personal information in social networking sites

This Week UK Climate Change Meeting To Ask Google & Galaxy Zoo For Help

Google and Galaxy Zoo to play a key part in helping meteorologists to forecast long term weather and climate pattern

Points for Pakistan: Peanut Labs to the Flood Rescue

For some time now, I’ve wanted to write about these smart kids at Peanut Labs who happen to be friends of a friend of mine. Well, I’ll just admit it. They make me proud to be a Pakistani in times such as these. Despite what we’ve seen in the news, and what a ‘naughty kid’ the country appears to be, it has had more than its share of tough luck.

Here comes the Twelpforce! Get Help Via Twitter From Best Buy's Social Customer Service Team

Best Buy has crafted a Twelpforce of employees to help answer customer questions and concerns.


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