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Social Media Trends: China's Silicon Valley is a Dog's Life

The pace and magnitude of what is happening with the Chinese internet is breathtaking and only just being felt.

Web 2.0: Where is Miriam?

While the people’s revolution is still unfolding in Libya, web 2.0 is still playing a role in more ways than one...

Social Media Trends: LetsLunch

Some of the best business deals have been done over lunch, so here comes new start-up LetsLunch.

Web 2.0 Community More Likely to be Do-Gooders

The web 2.0 community is more likely to be a bunch of do-gooders says a recent report.

Special Web 2.0 Mission Celebrating Bob Marley’s Birthday: 1 Drop of Water for 1Love

1 Drop of Water for 1Love to create a virtual stream of water to stretch around the world to benefit charity: water...

Is it Time for a Quora Web 2.0 Strategy?

Quora is growing fast and it might time to develop a strategy for using it.

Top 5 Web 2.0 Newcomers of 2010

What were the top new startups to show up in 2010?

Social Media Trends: It's All About Your Personal Brand

I have been following Jorgen Sundberg, personal branding expert via LinkedIn and Twitter; who has a lot of insight.

The Rising Demand for Web 2.0 Community Managers

Brands are turning towards community managers to take control of their online conversations.

Use Social Media Trends to Join the Party

Social media equals opportunity and it's time to take advantage.


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