Solar Energy

Flash Forward: A Review Of 5 New Renewable Energy Projects

The first half of November 2010 saw nearly US$3.5 billion invested in new renewable energy projects!

Italy Prepares to Build the World's First Solar Energy Highway

When it comes to blending renewable energy concepts with green transportation, one of the more interesting ideas that is born from the combin

Thailand and South Korea Announce Huge Renewable Energy Projects

Lately, China has dominated any renewable energy news that comes out of South East Asia and not without good reason.

India and the United States Make Renewable Energy a Priority

Three days ago, President Barack Obama began his three day visit to India where the leaders of both countries planned a series of talks that would greatly impact the futures of both nations.

Solar Media as Renewable Energy Guidelines

The evidence that solar power could 'take care of business' is ubiquitous; H. Scheer shows readers how to achieve this.

Working in Solar Energy, Green Job Tips [Article Review]

Solar Energy job getting tips from Solar Today reviewed and augmented.

A German Solar Hero's Sustainable Business/Renewable Energy Lessons

A 'solar hero's' life is more important than a surface view that solar is cool; socialism is part of the story too.

3M's New Plastic Film to Make Solar Energy Safer and More Flexible

Much of the focus on innovation for solar energy comes down to researchers trying to create the most efficient and powerful solar cell possible. Where some choose to focus their vision there, however, others are trying to find a way to ensure that solar energy cells can last long enough to make the higher levels of efficiency worthwhile.

Student Research Team Creates the Most Efficient Solar Energy Cells Yet

Solar Energy. We use it to power homes, vehicles, aircraft, and satellites in our never ending quest to find the most efficient means of harnessing the sun’s power. However, where solar energy has huge potential and continues to prove itself in various fields, the constant problem of solar cells degrading over time or being less efficient compared to the cost of other energy sources continues to haunt solar energy adopters.

A Solar Energy Visionary on a Collision Course with a 'Renaissance'

Jigar Shah's aplomb attests to business acuity & hard work; it might still be false, though, due to political naivete.


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