Solar Energy

Solar Tour 2010 Revelations on Why People Buy Renewable Energy

The reason people spend so much on solar energy for their home is unlikely because of the cost and environment

Renewable Energy from the Solar Winds of Deep Space

Space, in its vastness, is filled with a multitude of opportunities that we can take a hold of as we develop the necessary technology. Many of those opportunities lies in the power of our own personal star: the Sun. While we already take advantage of the energy the Sun can provide us here on the ground, researchers have been trying to make the most out of the energy we could be collecting in space.

Solar Air Conditioning Cuts Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption and Emissions

A solar powered air conditioning unit debuted in China this month. Can the technology catch on internationally?

Solar Energy's Sustainable Business Growing Fast in Italy

Italy's solar success story shows how countries like the US could grow their own domestic solar industries.

Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Posture

Vermont can lead, but we must follow; Vermont provides a model that only offers succor if we pay attention.

A New Report Asks the US and India to Take Solar Energy Into Space

Several months ago, I mentioned the Shimizu Corporation’s plan to place solar panels on the moon to generate renewable energy that would be transferred back to Earth and distributed along power lines.

The Third National Clean Energy Summit

Brief overview and summary of the Third National Clean Energy Summit, with Harry Reid & the CAPA Fund in Las Vegas NV

A Life of Sustainable Business in Solar Energy

A sainted heart doesn't a hero make; being good & supporting appropriate technology won't solve political problems.

Energy In Crisis: Spain Slashes Renewable Energy Subsidies

Will Spain's decision to cut renewable energy subsidies destroy its renewable energy sector? Is Europe next?


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