WhipCar and RelayRides – More than Zipcar 2.0

Can a car rental company with no cars become a classic? Will the business model change the world?

Late Night With .....Does It Matter?

Another round of late night musical chairs ends, but this real life soap opera is a diversion

SEC v Goldman -Who Wins and Why? Part 1

SEC fraud suit moves market, propels reform bill, loses in the end?

SEC v Goldman - Who Wins and Why? Part 2

SEC fraud suit moves market, propels regulatory reform and loses in the end?

Mother Earth is Makin Her Last Stand

Special for Earth Day, with thanks to Sgt. Pepper

Leading Development Banks Enter 18th Century With Cross Debarment

Sometimes an institutional press release just cries outs out for a snarky story

Annual Meeting, Corporate Governance – Yawn – So What

Institutions divorce voting decisions from buy/sell decisions – why it matters

Private Equity Sticks with Asia

Watch for growth and geographic diversification in emerging market private equity in 2010 and beyond

Will CFTC Let Us Short The 7 Dwarfs?

The CFTC considers authorizing movie futures contracts – Who wants them and why?

Unpaid Interns Get A Closer Look

New and improved minimum wage law enforcement takes on unpaid internships or main stream media discovers old news?


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