More Greenbacks from Green Banks: Preparing for the Rio+20 Summit at the First Global Sustainable Finance Conference

"The challenges that we face are interrelated, so, if we are smart about it, if we spot and utilize the inter-connections among these problems, solutions to each problem can be solutions to all." -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The Global 500 Tackles Climate Change: Low Carbon Growth Central to World’s Largest Companies

"Managing carbon emission and protecting the business from climate change impacts is fundamental to achieving sustainable and strong shareholder returns." -- Paul Simpson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project

Truth Comes to Market: Sustainable Finance on the Rise in Nigeria

"We will not continue to take savings and deposits from Nigerians and then lend to companies that will use the funds to destroy the environment." -- Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Nigerian central bank governor

A Daft Half Penny: Sustainable Investment Found Lacking Among UK Pension Funds

"A large number of corporate pension funds are still lagging behind the leading schemes in their approach to responsible ownership and investment." -- UKSIF chief executive Penny Shepherd

Waste Not, Want Not: The “Cradle to Cradle” Paradigm Gets Competitive

"Companies who embrace this into their strategies and key performance indicators will be the winners of tomorrow. The people who just talk a little bit and are defensive will be the losers." -- Desso chief executive Stef Kranendijk on the "cradle-to-cradle" business paradigm

The Almighty Peso: Sustainable Investing in Mexico

"Companies are looking for the best place to invest. It's obvious that Mexico has been that place for North America." -- Bruno Ferrari, Mexico Minister of Economy

Erin Go Bragh: Ireland Makes a Bid to Be Global Leader in Sustainable Finance

"Ireland will be developed as a centre of excellence in green finance and carbon management." -- Strategy for the International Financial Services Industry in Ireland 2011-2016

Following the Sustainable Paper Trail: Private Sector Key to Reducing Deforestation in Indonesia

"A country that has the unique reputation of Indonesia, when it stands up and takes a leadership role for what is right and moral in the world, it elevates itself and distinguishes itself." -- Al Gore, January 9, 2011(1) 

Masipag: Going Beyond Sustainability in the Philippines

"We have the best workforce in the world." -- Philippine Economic Zone Authority

"Masipag" is the Filipino word for industrious, a term that has often been used to describe the nation's workers and a trait that has made the Philippines a growing destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

CSR Increasing in Profile in Dubai

CSR gains momentum in UAE through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce


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