CSR and Preservation of Forests in India

The Indian Environmental Ministry suggests that preservation of forests should be the next major CSR initiative.

Co-op's Radical New CSR Plan

Co-op's new CSR plan aims to make them industry leaders.

Disney CSR: Creating Magical Moments Right From the Start??

Disney's latest marketing campaign for baby products meets with backlash.

CSR May Become Mandatory in India

How will making CSR mandatory affect India Inc.

African CSR Conference in Lagos

Africa's first CSR Rountable Conference

CSR and Goddess Legs

P&G's new ad campaign has a CSR focus on women's education featuring Jennifer Lopez's legs

CSR: The Latest in Company Ratings

Shell's sustainability ratings fall whilst other companies pledge to boost their environmental initiatives

CSR at the World Economic Forum

CSR highlights at the World Economic Forum in Davos

CSR Boost for Vietnamese Business from Sweden

Sweden provides the boost for CSR in Vietnam.


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