Sustainable Agriculture

Food Safety: USDA NOP Update, Wild Crops (3 of 6)

Wild crop harvesting poses an interesting topic of discussion regarding food safety and organic certification.

Food Safety: USDA NOP Update, Composting (2 of 6)

The USDA has created a draft document concerning the safety and quality of Composting and Vermiculture in organic practice that is  applicable to soil, compost and worm farms of organic practices certified organic by the USDA.

Food Safety: USDA NOP Updates, Introduction (1 of 6)

Over the past few years the significant rise in food safety and security issues - not only in the meat industry, but also in the produce industry - has alerted at least some of the public to take notice about accountability in the industrial food system.

An Unlikely Hero: Wal Mart Supports Sustainable, Local Food

Walmart doesn't get many points for sustainability, but a new initiative to support local food might change that.

Food Safety: Permaculture

The idea of sustainable agriculture has so many avenues in which to promote a more sustainable approach to producing food. By permaculture standards, any agriculture is absolutely unsustainable for the simple fact that human hands need to cull and harvest the product.

Food Safety: Russian Seed Bank Allowed To Grow

Food safety incorporates a number of different ideas in effort to sustain and maintain a diversity of food sources in the event of crop failure.

Community Gardens: Sustainable Agriculture for Sustainable Communities

Community gardens come in all shapes and sorts, but are all representative of sustainable agriculture in action.

Obama's Ag Policy and Sustainable Agriculture Don't Really Mix

Obama's choices for major USDA positions don't do much for sustainable agriculture.

Healthy Food; Healthy Labels. The Right To Know

Healthy food produced by distant sources require a certain transparency to their labeling in effect to provide reasonable and truthful dispersal of information regarding the content of the food by which they supply.

Healthy Food & Food Stamps

The Food Stamp program, known today as SNAP or EBT, has been helping families reach goals to access healthy food since its original development in 1939, not coincidentally the time of one of the most severe economic crashes of our short American history and the introduction of Agricultural Bills that would eventually p


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