sustainable energy

Hanes Receives Top Sustainability Award

Hanes has been recognized for its sustainability efforts in energy conservation and renewable energy.

GM Joins Solar Energy Industries Association

GM become a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association to further its commitment to sustainable energy.

Funding the Global Warming Ceiling: An Urgent Call for Sustainable Finance

Keeping the global 21st-century temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius will require massive sustainable investments from the public and private sectors

The United Nations Calls for a New Asia-Pacific Energy Compact

"Connecting the dots between the challenges of water, food, and energy security lies at the heart of sustainable development—and Rio+20 will be a generational opportunity for us to turn ideas into action—globally and especially in Asia and the Pacific." -- Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, United Nations{1}

A Voice in the Desert: Texas Beckons Sustainable Investment in Wind Energy

“Everybody thought I had a duster. Y’all thought ol’ Spindletop Burke and Burnett was all the oil there was, didn’t ya? Well, I’m here to tell you that it ain’t, boy! It’s here, and there ain’t a dang thing you gonna do about it!

Sustainable Resolutions For 2012

New year, new sustainable you!

Kentucky Hospital Installs Sustainable Energy

Rockcastle Hospital embraces sustainable energy.

College Trains Future Professionals For Sustainable Energy Market

Fancy a career in the sustainable energy industry? You may try college first.


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