Sustainable Food

Sharing the Harvest Supports Sustainable Food

Gleaning and other creative initatives to share the harvest is an important piece to the sustainable food puzzle.

Digger's Mirth: A Collective Model in Sustainable Agriculture

There have been many arguments surrounding the fact that sustainable agriculture which produces local, healthy, fresh, quality food can often be inaccessible to those living in low-income neighborhoods and / or food deserts.

Loud and Clear: Will Updated Nutrition Labels Help Us Eat More Healthy Food?

Despite efforts to present nutrition facts more clearly, we still eat too much, and we're not eating very healthy food.

Healthy Food Becomes a National Security Issue

Every day there is more evidence that access to quality, healthy food in the United States is a serious issue. According to statistics, approximately 9 million people aged 17-24 are too heavy to enlist in the military, posing a national security issue.

Calculating the Water Footprint of "Sustainable" Food

You've heard of food miles and carbon footprint, but in the search for sustainable food, consider your water footprint

Food Safety Bill S510 Update

There has been a lot of activity surrounding Senate Bill 510 which aims to regulate food systems in order to promote food safety. Everybody wants safe food. The government wants it, the consumers want it; even the middlemen want it.

Animal Welfare Ratings for Meat Products Increase Food Safety

Whole Foods is increasing transparency and food safety at the meat counter, and educating consumers in the process.

Micro Mini: Niche Market Food Makes Farming Sustainable

Out of the twin disasters of a hurricane and an oil spill, a farm is growing.

Urban Agriculture: Chicago Suburb Gives a Yarden the Stinkeye

Urban agriculture and home gardening at the mercy of the Neighborhood Association? It's a tough period of time as we shift from the old mentality of manicured lawns and decorative ceramic trolls to pea trellises and cucumber vines. And there will probably be some bumps along the way.

Senate Bill S510: Food Safety or Food Fascism?

Of all the many facets of sustainable food, food safety is probably on the top of the list. After all, what good is it, if it's not safe to eat?


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