Urban Gardening Movement Grows Strong Communities

If there's one thing we can say we've been lacking in industrial American society, it certainly is the structure of a functioning community.

Market Trends: Greenwashing

Walmart sells organics; sets up a fruit stand in front of their automated doors.  Hundreds of thousands of

We're Not Responsible For Your Choices, Right?

It doesn't even surprise me to hear the utter, inexcusable nonsense pasted all over Monsanto's website anymore.

Food: A Project Envision Documentary

This little documentary is only about a half hour long, but it does brush across the general scope of the problem of industrial food in the United States, lightly discussing differences in opinion by other countries. Described most aptly by KPBS, the producing agency of the documentary:

Water, Water Everywhere...

Of the four classical elements, it is hard to say which is most important because they are so deeply interconnected. But if there had to be a choice, water might be the most sensible.

PLU Codes Are More Than Just Numbers

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers on the produce stickers actually mean? I had always thought they were just codes for the grocer to connect to the database so they could ring it up.

Effects Of Glyphosate

Glyphosate is the primary ingredient to Monsanto's best selling herbicide, RoundUp. Conveniently and somehow without status of a monopoly, Monsanto also manufactures its genetically modified line of RoundUp Ready (RR) products, which are exactly what they sound like: ready for RoundUp.

The Ripple Effect Of Consumerism

In our economy, every single action we put forth reverberates globally. We all live in an enclosed system of atmosphere, soil and water.  There is no true excess; there is no true lack.

Baby Steps To Sustainability

Small steps, when compiled over time, make the biggest differences with the greatest ease of transition.

GMOs And Organics: A Potentially Complicated Relationship

When GMO crops eventually crossbreed and destroy organic seed, how will the USDA handle organic certification?


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