What's On My Food? Pesticides Revealed.

Trying to move towards organic buying, but you don't know where to start? What's On My Food can help.

UK Food Production Threatened with Loss of Soil

UK government needs to encourage production of sustainable food and reduce industrial pollution to avoid soil erosion.

FDA War on Terroir

It baffles me that so much attention is paid to where a wine comes from, how it was grown, aged, stored and this scrupulous attention to the like in what we eat has only begun to come about recently.  Afterall, there are few people I know that consume more wine than they do food. In select European countries this rigorous attention paid to origin is not merely enforced by sommeliers and gastronomes, but by government regulated appellations, or terroirs.

Low-Carbon Food Service

The goal is to make the low-carbon foods more appealing.

Let Them Eat Steak!

When it comes to sacrificing in order to reduce one’s carbon footprint, the buck stops for most at a luxury with which one cannot part: the feel of security in an SUV, the ability to travel to the far corners of the world propelled by jet fuel, the ease and convenience of a disposable lifestyle. For me, the buck stops at steak.

The Greenest Soda

<p>When it comes to <a href="">food and drink consumption</a>, Americans take the cake.&nbsp; The average American drinks 37.5 gallons of soda every year - as a country, we drank 14.7 billion gallons in 2007.&nbsp; Of course, that number in and of its


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