Volunteer Tourism

Sustainable Travel to Volunteer on a Community Farm

For some, sustainable travel means getting their hands dirty for the benefit of the community and environment.

Retaining Fiji on a Responsible Vacation

Fiji is an island worthy of a post card, and a responsible vacation could help to preserve its culture and beauty.

Sustainable Travel Could Stop Albania from Crumbling

Vuno is sliding and crumbling, but with more sustainable travel, this countryside could truly flourish.

A Responsible Vacation Can Help Breakdown the Cholera Breakout

More responsible vacations will help prevent the spread of cholera and begin the healing process for Haiti.

Responsible Vacation- Just another Walk in the Park

Urban green spaces offer recreation and education for a well- rounded responsible vacation experience.

Zuvy.org Offers Responsible Vacation Options

Zuvy offers short-term responsible vacation opportunities.

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