Department of Justice Grants Access to WikiLeaks Twitter Accounts

Yesterday, a federal judge in Virginia granted federal prosecutors access to the Twitter accounts of WikiLeaks principals, in addition to associated email and Twitter accounts.

China might have used its technology & powers to spy

On the back of WikiLeaks a report raises the prospect that China may have used its powers over the Internet and spied.

Anonymous Hitting Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has turned into a world of espionage with more twists and turns than a James Bond film.

Social Media Trends: Can You Hack it?

Looking at hacking and social media content as ways to get potential customer's attention

As the Wiki-Leaks – CSR and Transparency

When we talk about transparency in CSR terms, we are specifically referring to an honest accounting to relevant stakeholders of  a business's operations, including its environmental and social impacts relative to profit making activities.

WikiLeaks is bad bad CSR

Wikileaks has further added to strained Indo-Pak relations by acting socially irresponsibly.

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