Through a New Grant from Symantec, NPower Expands Offerings in the Bay Area

by Jaime Barclay, Sr Mgr Corporate Responsibility
Sep 4, 2018 9:10 AM ET

We often talk of a time where our IT workforce is diverse, with equal representation and opportunity. A time where people of all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status have the opportunities, the skills, the pathways to develop life-long careers and succeed in our digital economy.

To NPower, a nonprofit launching digital careers for underserved communities, their mission is to make this future a reality.  

NPower launched its first tech-based training program with four graduates in 2002. Over the last 15 years, NPower has transformed itself into a leader in information technology (IT) workforce development by creating programs that are accessible, industry relevant and responsive to job market demand. For example, in the past few years, NPower has grown rapidly doubling the number of sites and to date has placed 3,500 students in career-track tech jobs. The organization’s five-year strategic plan includes placing 15,000 alumni in quality jobs and increasing the female young adult talent pipeline from 24% alumni (and 28% enrollment) to 40% by 2022.

NPower has been a trusted partner since 2014 helping us deliver on the mission of our Symantec Cyber Career Connection (Symantec C3)program to create a diverse pipeline of cyber security talent for the industry, as well as to meet our goal to excite, engage and educate one million students in STEM education by 2020. From the launch of our New York cyber security training pilot in 2014, enrollment in NPower’s cyber security offerings has exceeded projections across all regions. Additionally, in most of NPower’s regions employment rates following graduation are 80% or above. 

Alongside this, NPower has continued to expand its geographic footprint reaching veteran and underserved communities across the United States from Brooklyn to Dallas to St. Louis - and also in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Expanding Cyber Security to the Bay Area

A significant new grant from Symantec will support research and development, strategic planning, and networking activities towards the expansion of the cyber security program to the San Francisco Bay Area’s first location, San Jose. The program will target both veterans and young adults in response to changing trends in employment and training needs. For example, young adult unemployment continues to be a challenge in California, reaching 20% as of April 2017. Additionally, while California continues to be a top destination for veterans, its population is decreasing so the program will target both veterans and those from underserved backgrounds. 

I want to personally thank Symantec for this outstanding vote of confidence in our work together. The signature cyber security program you have been instrumental in launching has become a hallmark of our work—and importantly has catapulted so many of our students into high-growth, well-compensated careers that has changed the trajectories for both them and their families. We are grateful for our continued partnership.

 – Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO NPower

The Power of Opportunity 

Young adults without advanced degrees often lack the skills, professional training or career support to pursue a career in IT. Additionally, as highlighted by a 2016 study by Google and Gallup, minority underrepresentation in the US IT sector can be due in large part to social and structural barriers early in school, the cost of pursuing higher education and the risk of pursuing a certification or credential that in turn is not relevant in the marketplace. 

Through this new grant with NPower, we are able to further expand cyber security into new areas, bring young adults and veterans a training program they can trust, and help NPower meet their mission to become a "go-to" leader for employers to recruit diverse, entry-level technology and digital talent. 

You can help NPower deepen their capacity in the markets where they serve by volunteering to mentor students in their program, hiring skilled graduates or donating to sustain their mission. Visit to learn more.