Top 10 CSR Trends in China for 2021

By Dr. Guo Peiyuan Co-Founder and General Manager, SynTao
Apr 1, 2021 10:35 AM ET

Every year since 2013, SynTao, CECP’s Global Exchange Mainland China and Hong Kong country partner has forecast the top 10 corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends in the country, providing a professional guideline for companies to undertake social responsibility and helping companies shape and update CSR strategies and activities.

Here are the 2021 Top 10 CSR Trends in China:

Trend 1: A better business blueprint in the 14th Five-Year Plan

The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) serves as a blueprint for good business. Sustainable development will become a business consensus. Companies can focus on five areas: domestic consumption, rural revitalization, low-carbon transition, the Belt and Road Initiative and well-rounded human development.

SynTao expect that most companies will be involved in rural revitalization. To create shared value, companies will leverage their expertise to help rural areas develop industries.

Trend 2: Internet platform economy moving towards orderly development

Internet platforms have changed the way people live and work and created huge social impacts. The complexity of Internet platforms determines the importance and difficulty of their social responsibility governance. The recent suspension of Ant Group’s IPO and the release of the Draft of Anti-Monopoly Guidelines for the Platform Economy at the end of 2020 have heightened concerns for Internet platform companies.

SynTao expects that China’s regulation on the platform economy will be strengthened in 2021, guiding the platform economy toward an orderly and healthy development.

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