When It Comes to Employment, Perseverance Pays Off

Nov 30, 2015 12:15 PM ET

Guest blog post by Melissa Holt

I had been working at TJ Maxx for twelve years hanging clothes, but I was not happy there because it didn’t challenge me. In November 2011, I left and got a new job at Salvation Army. I worked at Salvation Army for three years, and I wasn’t happy there either because it didn’t challenge me. At Salvation Army, I was running racks with clothes.

For over a year, I worked with Kaori Kelly (an Employment Specialist for Keystone Human Services) trying to find an office job. We worked together to sharpen my skills with typing and using the computer because I hadn’t been using those skills for a long time. Kaori and I went to many interviews and looked at different places. Even though I wasn’t happy at Salvation Army, I was patient while Kaori looked at different places.

It was so frustrating doing a job where I was not happy because I went to HACC for four years for Office Technology and Computer Information Systems. I was not working with computers at my old job; I was working with clothes and that’s not what I went to school for.

Every time I went on an interview, I was hoping this would be the one. When I didn’t get it, I became frustrated, but I kept on working. It was hard trying to stay patient because it was taking so long.

In July 2015, Kaori and I went to DB Schenker for an interview and I got the job. I was so happy that I got that job. I started working at DB Schenker on July 31, 2015.  I am now working with phones and putting information on the computer. The wait may have been long and frustrating, but it was worth it! Now I’m doing something I really enjoy.

Melissa has been working with Kaori Kelly, one of Keystone Human Services’ Employment Specialists, to discover her interests and hone her skills. Through personal discovery and perseverance, Melissa found a job she enjoys.

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