2011 Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference: Career Insights - Part 4 Of 4

The goal of the 2011 Good Jobs Green Jobs conference was to facilitate a conversation between unions, corporations, nonprofits and government representatives on how to create responsible jobs for workers at all levels of the pyramid.  In previous posts, we have explored the range for organizations across sectors who participated in the conference as well as some of the career insights that emerged from conversations on education and responsible business.

But where are the green economy jobs being created?  Are these jobs available to all, or are they only being created for engineers or product managers?  Are there any entry level positions that are available for young professionals?  Examples of real jobs are one of the best ways to explore where green economy jobs are created.  As a hub for getting business done better, our Justmeans job board provides clues that green jobs are available for professionals of all experience levels.  These jobs are not only for engineers, demand is also strong for professionals that come from non-technical backgrounds.  The good news is that green jobs are real and growing.  178 responsible jobs were added to the Justmeans job board since February 1, 2011.  Among these jobs, here are a few that clearly shows that jobs in the green economy are available at all levels of experience and for technical and non-technical professionals:

Entry Level Green Jobs:

Mid-Level Green Jobs:

Senior Level Green Jobs:

From this sample of green jobs, it is clear that green jobs are being created in the private, nonprofit and government sectors.  These green jobs are available to entry-level, mid-level and senior level professionals interested in getting business done better through functional expertise such as engineering, marketing, advocacy, education, project management and relationship management.  In sum, green jobs are growing, and are providing a unique opportunity for responsible professionals to create a sustainable world.

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