3 Ways For Job Openings To Find You Through Social Media

It is well known that about 80% of job openings are never advertised, and are instead filled through referrals. A lesser-known fact is the increasing reliance of recruiters on social media to identify possible candidates and recruit new hires. Case and point: Among the 50,000 new employees Accenture plans to hire this year, their Recruiting Director anticipates that as much as 40% of these hires will be made through social media (source: How LinkedIn will fire up your career - Fortune Magazine, March 2010). As the bulk of the hires coming from social media are focused on professional and management positions, it is important for you to effectively manage your professional image as a socio-eco innovator (SEI) through social media. Here are 3 ways to help job openings find you through social media:

Create a profile that shows what you want to do next
Review your profiles on justmeans and other sites such as LinkedIn. If your profiles look like a laundry list of skills and projects, your profile is likely to communicate ‘I am not sure what I want to do next’. This is likely to be a deal breaker for many recruiters. Instead, read a few job postings and selectively list the skills you have that are relevant to your future jobs of interest. Focus on your relevant skill set, and show a progression of responsibility in these specific skill sets across your previous jobs. See my recent post on skills to focus on as  sustainability professionals. This layered ‘less is more’ approach to your social media presence is likely to help recruiters find you for job openings that match with your career goals.

Join and participate in relevant discussions
Defining your career direction also entails selectively joining groups and contributing to conversations that are relevant to your career goals. In order to avoid diluting your message, avoid groups or discussions and groups that are not related to your future career goals. For example, if you are currently working in manufacturing and want to transition into renewable energy, I would recommend that you join groups that are focused on green manufacturing and renewable energy. Read all you can about these topics, and contribute your new knowledge to groups and online discussions.  See examples of comments on a recent discussion related to corporate social responsibility rankings.  Many recruiters in green manufacturing and renewable energy are likely to participate in these groups. If you impress them by your contributions to the group, they might keep you in mind for future job opportunities.

Leverage different channels to optimally broadcast your brand
Different social media have different focuses, and knowing what to broadcast where is important. Of course, I would highly recommend that you never ever post something anywhere online that you would not share with your grand mother. I would recommend that you use your justmeans and LinkedIn profiles to broadcast longer term messages in terms of your career directions and relevant past achievements. In contrast, use your Facebook account for fun and life beyond the office. Finally, you can broadcast relevant updates on twitter, justmeans, and LinkedIn simultaneously by using our network management tool. These updates (focused on your career goals) can further help recruiters identify you as a qualified candidate for job openings that match your future career goals.

Through these few simple steps, you can optimally position yourself for future socio-eco job openings to find you via social media!

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