A Glimpse into This Gypsy's Soul

Johanna here.  Very hyped to be bringing you the latest in sustainable finance, global trends, and economic musings. I hope to use this space to inform, inspire, and engage.  Please send your thoughts, jokes, stories, and ideas. 

A bit about myself: I have been bopping around the world ever since I can remember; meeting fascinating people, seeing incredible places and rocking out in general.  I first realized development and economics were my passion while working for a community micro-bank in Ayacucho, Peru, and haven’t turned back since.  From Washington D.C., Cape Town, Madrid, Bangalore and soon Shanghai, I’ve been living, loving and learning along the way.  Having worked for start-ups, consulting firms, and financial institutions, I am driven by the belief that we can manifest mountains of positive change throughout our world by simply connecting with one another. Justmeans is a community where we can exchange best practices and make business better for us all. Now, as an MBA student and freelance consultant, I hope to use my voice to shed some light on the challenges and opportunities of these tumultuous times.   In such a dynamic and rapidly growing field, I’ll explore the boundaries of this shifting financial paradigm as well as feature new and old players changing the landscape.   I am excited to join Justmeans as Editor of Sustainable Finance and look forward to sharing this virtual journey with you all. It’s bound to be a bumpy road, so hold on tight and we’ll see what cool work we can discover.