A New Climate Change Writer Starts on Justmeans

It feels great to be writing my first post for Justmeans.  As someone who has previously written about climate and environmental issues for numerous web sites and blogs, I'm glad to be able to get the word out through a site like this one.  What I can say from my experience with Justmeans so far, is the people behind this web site know how to reach a wide audience and how to connect readers to information that will help them do good work.  I'm glad to be joining the Justmeans team to write about climate change.

With the planet nearing dangerous climate "tipping points" that could make it difficult or impossible to stop runaway effects of climate change, no issue could be more important today.  Yet last year world leaders failed to forge an effective global climate treaty in Copenhagen, and international efforts to curb carbon emissions are moving at a snail's pace this year.  Meanwhile at the national level, partisanship and the entrenched power of the fossil fuel industries are making it difficult for the United States to pass comprehensive climate legislation.  In the face of insufficient action from the federal government, the need for caring individuals to make a difference is essential.

Here are a few of the climate topics of especial interest to me, and some of the questions I'll be exploring more in my posts:

Breaking Away from Fossil Fuels - Carbon emissions from burning coal, oil, and gas are the number one most important cause of climate change.  What does our addiction to fossil fuels mean for the climate, and how can it be addressed most effectively?

Forests and the Climate - Intact forests act as important climate sinks, but removing forests actually adds to climate change.  How can smarter forest conservation policies reduce global carbon emissions?

Ready, Set, Mitigate - From commenting on national and international policy, to explaining how to get involved in the campaign to stop your local coal plant (yes, there's a good chance there is one), I'll discuss ways to push for climate solutions.

Facing Down Denial - By arming yourself with the facts, you can stand up to climate change deniers and educate those around you about climate science.  I'll explain how to deconstruct common climate fallacies, to make countering denier arguments easy.

I look forward to interacting with the readers and writers of Justmeans.  Please check back here for regular updates about all things climate!