A Paradigm Shift Among Job Seekers

I believe that the glass is half full. Fewer jobs in investment banks and hedge funds is good news for those hiring in CSR and green jobs. As a panel moderator at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship conference last week I was inspired by the students looking for green jobs and jobs that contribute to the greater good. As some of the best and brightest entering the workforce, these students want to launch their careers with a focus on social responsibility more so than their predecessors. They are eager for meaningful work and poised to plunge into the workforce with a focus on making a difference. They’ll need to make their application materials (resume and cover letters) polished and differentiated to stand out against the competition, but as they do that extra legwork, they are also researching where companies stand on issues that matter to them—the environment, the community, and ethical, customer and employee friendly policies. The emerging workforce is hungry for meaningful work and eager to begin working towards the solutions to problems they’ve been studying. While the economy might take some time to recover, I believe that the glass is half full with talent committed to social change and environmental awareness. Now that’s good news about which we can all be optimistic.