A Toast to Fair Trade: Think Human, Drink Fair

(3BL Media/Just Means)- A little dirty, straight up and with a twist anyone? In the spirit of national fair trade month, what better way to celebrate small farmers around the world than with your favorite cocktail.  FAIR Spirits, a French based company, handcrafts quinoa vodkas and five- year, American oak-barrel aged, sugar cane rums. They are the first and most prestigious fair trade spirits company on the market.

Fairly harvested quinoa from the Andes mountains in Bolivia and organic cane sugar harvested in Belize are shipped and distilled in the region of Cognac in central France. Their award-winning vodka is spicy, fruity and smooth, according to the judges’ tasting notes. FAIR has won several awards including a double gold medal from The 50 Best Imports List. To win this award, FAIR's vodka beat over 200 other imported vodkas from around the world in a blind taste test.  Not only did it beat out the others in taste, but it was the only fairly traded vodka in the mix.

As of this month, FAIR is now available at The Wellington in San Diego.  You can also find it in bars and retails shops of NYC, Long Beach, Las Vegas and any Whole Foods Market in California.

Supporting fair trade is more than just drinking coffee or buying handicrafts. The movement includes not only the organic gardening moms and the Mennonite Church, but also your bartender—even your after work cocktail can support the wages and working conditions of small farming communities.

Fill your glass with this cocktail, recommended by FAIR:  Goldfinch in the garden
2 parts FAIR. quinoa vodka, 1 part fresh orange juice (squeeze), 1/2 part honey water. Muddle 3 fresh lemon verbena leaves with 2 wheels cucumber, shaker with Liquids, strain over rocks. Garnish with cucumber.

Cheers to the small farmers in Belize and Bolivia who make our celebrations fairly spirited!