Bacardi Inspires Stakeholders through Effective CSR Communication

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Measuring and reporting on CSR goals and performance is no longer a mere promotional exercise for responsible companies. Informing stakeholders such as consumers, employees, investors, partners and government agencies is now integral to the sustainability strategy of businesses that recognize the value of CSR communication.

Bacardi has been making dedicated efforts to improve communication and engagement with audiences about its global sustainability initiative, Good Spirited. Using advanced measurement and analytics, the company has raised both internal – involving nearly 5,500 Bacardi employees – and external awareness of its CSR commitments.

At a minimum, Bacardi aims to put back as much as is taken out of the environment. To do this, the business committed to and promoted a range of initiatives such as eliminating the use of straws in all cocktails at in-house corporate events and its brand visitor centers. Bacardi also built bat caves to help protect real bats at the company’s rum-bottling facility campus in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to Amy Federman, director of corporate communications at Bacardi, the company’s Good Spirited initiative was launched in 170 markets where it operates, 75 offices, and in each of its 29 manufacturing and bottling facilities. The company wanted to make sure it first touched every single employee that works for Bacardi around the world. Internal engagement was vital to a successful external launch.

Communications objectives for the initiative, which was launched in 2014, included educating global internal and external stakeholders on Bacardi’s sustainability commitment, and inspiring employees, consumers and other audiences to take action at work and at home to promote the sustainability commitment.

Bacardi has ensured that communications are supported by a reliable and effective measurement program. Good Spirited now harnesses the power of nearly 5,500 employees through internal programs focused on local communities, brands and the workplace. It has also established a robust online presence to reach audiences, using rich multimedia to bring the Bacardi sustainability story to life.

Federman said that the company closely evaluates the performance of its outreach efforts quarter-by-quarter and year-over-year. These results are shared with senior leaders to show progress and commitment to the global platform.

Source: Cision