BBC Road Trip to Raise Awareness about Carbon Emissions

In hopes of raising awareness on the issue of carbon emissions, a BBC media team has teamed up with Norwegian automobile company Think to drive an electric car around Europe. The goal is to determine just how effective an electric car works in a variety of conditions, while showing what a possible future in a world of electric cars would be like. The trip began in London on Monday, but the team has already reached Denmark with the entire trip bringing them throughout much of Europe and then back to London sometime later in July.

The car chosen for the trip is Think’s very own THINK City. Boastings its claim as the first electric car to achieve pan-European approval for highway certification and use, the City is a two door, four person car designed entirely around an electric engine that gives off zero carbon emissions. While owners of the City are given many luxuries as thanks for their ownership (The Norwegian government exempts electric cars from toll both payment and city parking fees), the vehicle does suffer from many of the limitations brought on by an electric battery. The car’s battery requires at least 13 hours for a full recharge and has a range of approximately 100 miles in residential or city driving conditions. Grouping those facts with the City’s top speed of 62 miles per hour, it is clear that the BBC team will be pushing the City to the limit on their European adventure.

Think and the BBC Team, led by BBC Radio 4 presenter Peter Curran, hopes that by pushing the City they will be able to show that electric cars are just as viable as current automobiles. Not only that, but in being just as efficient as any other means of transportation they also have the added bonus of being virtually silent and having no carbon emissions.

Although this is one of the most ambitious projects by the BBC on the subject of electric cars, it is not the first time they have earned screen time and been tested for their worth in the United Kingdom. The BBC’s Top Gear, a popular television program featuring automobiles, has aired several specials on a variety of electric cars, debating whether or not these carbon emission friendly vehicles matched their fossil fuel powered counter parts. However, many advocates for electric cars have criticized the program for not properly reviewing the cars and favoring traditional automobiles.

Hopefully, the goal to raise awareness on the effects electric cars have on carbon emission output will be achieved by the BBC team. The trip, which will span nearly 4500 miles by the time they arrive in London in July, will bring the team in contact with a variety of automobile manufactures and groups giving the team plenty of opportunities to spread the word about electric cars. Meanwhile, Think is incredibly grateful not only for the free publicity the program will have for the THINK City but also for the widespread recognition the company will receive as they prepare to launch their next zero carbon emission, electric car called the THINK O sometime in 2011.

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