Better Building Challenge Achievers: Best Buy, Sprint, Whole Foods, Bank of America, Schneider Electric

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – In the US, buildings account for 39 percent of total energy use, 68 percent of total electricity consumption, 38 percent of carbon emissions, and 12 percent of total water consumptions. These are the latest figures of the EPA. Sustainable buildings can not only provide environmental benefits, but also economic benefits in terms of reduced operating costs and enhanced occupant productivity.

The US Better Buildings Challenge is a voluntary program that involves companies with a commitment to reduce their energy use by 20 percent over 10 years. The program engages with the participants who are provided progress reports on how they are faring in terms of reaching this goal. Technical assistance to the program is provided by the energy department, and financial institution support is offered to help the participants implement their energy cut-back plans.

The program includes more than 200 members, including new entrants such as Facebook, Arby’s and Bank of America. Some of the leading participants in the program are already on their way to achieving the goal of 20 percent energy cut.

Some of the Top Achievers:

Best Buy had committed to 20 percent energy reduction by 2020, and it has already exceeded the target with cumulative reduction of 24 percent.

Sprint committed to the same goal of 20 percent energy cut-back on 15 million sq. ft. by 2020, and has already achieved a cumulative reduction of 19 percent.

Schneider Electric committed to reducing energy use by 25 percent on nine million sq. ft. by 2019. It has achieved a cumulative reduction of 18 percent, placing it ahead of most other program participants.

Macy’s committed to 20 percent reduction on 173 million sq. ft. by 2020, and has achieved 16 percent reduction as of now.

Lend Lease, the real estate development company, aims to reduce 20 percent energy use on 61 million sq. ft. by 2020, and already achieved 16 percent reduction.

Other top achievers include Staples, Wyndham Worldwide, Kohl’s, Ascension Health, Tower Companies, and Whole Foods Market.

Source: The Guardian

Image Credit: Flickr via Carbon Visuals