Cadbury Fair Trade Chocolate: Is this ethical consumption?

Recently, my colleagues Jeff and Martin have been talking about Cadbury and their fair-trade initiative.

Now, as some of you may recall, I was ... we'll let's just say I was a little less than enthralled with the idea that Disney's Hannah Montana Bananas constituted CSR. Personally, I feel that, to call something CSR, a certain threshold has to be met. In my opinion, in this case, Disney hadn't met it. (Which isn't to say that other practices by Disney wouldn't meet the threshold. I just don't think branded fruit qualify.)

On the other hand, I was quite impressed with Cadbury's fair-trade initiative. In my opinion, Cadbury's actions do meet the necessary threshold to qualify as CSR. By promoting fair-trade, Cadbury is, essentially, promoting equity. That, for me, is the key of a truly socially responsible practice.

Now, Cadbury may still not be my first choice of chocolate provider ... I might still prefer to support a smaller company given a choice of every single chocolate maker. But when I'm desperate for a chocolate, and there's a nearby vending machine, I will definitely choose Cadbury.