Can't See The Wood For The Trees

<p>What I love about life is that there is just so much of it, and no knowing all of it. I don&rsquo;t think I could ever be bored &ndash; there is just too much going on and I am almost overwhelmed by the information I have access to through television, the internet, the papers, magazines, just being in London. If I read everything I wanted to there would be no time to do any work! If I traveled everywhere I wanted to go I would never come home! <br />&nbsp;<br />I also completely understand getting obsessed by details; we all have our specialties and niches, pressures from family, work, and finances. I think it is incredibly difficult to step back and see the genuinely enormous problems that we face. The big picture isn&rsquo;t good. It is easier to just take on what you know, or what you have to know in order to get your work done and fulfill your commitments. <br /> <br />In my last blog I was quite hard on the &lsquo;media&rsquo; for focusing too much on the credit crunch. One thing that we absolutely need the media for is the big picture, one tree, one issue at a time &ndash; we wouldn&rsquo;t understand the credit crunch, or know about what was happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or get to share in the truly historic result to the US presidential election. <br /><br />Sometimes I find that the reverse is also true, that you can&rsquo;t see the trees for the wood. I am forever staying up at night, trying to work out problems that an individual can&rsquo;t solve, sleepless because of the big picture. How can we resolve the two sides to this idiom with respect to climate change? How can we bring together people who are obsessed with it (me) and those that don&rsquo;t believe in it or don&rsquo;t have time for it? How can we deal with the fact that was so clearly presented in &ldquo;An Inconvenient Truth&rdquo;, that although peer reviewed scientific study is in agreement about climate change (we cause it and it is a big scary problem), the media is still presenting it as a debate as a controversy?<br /><br />My major fear on this one is that if we don&rsquo;t bridge the gap and start working on solutions &ndash; across borders, across the debate &ndash; we will end up with a situation where we can&rsquo;t see the wood or the trees.</p>