Career Advice From The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series

One of the biggest benefits of the digital world is to be able to connect with like minded professionals at minimal expense.  For socio-eco innovators (SEIs), online events are invaluable to get career advice relevant to turning their values into value across sectors.  In the private sector, career advice for SEIs include examples of professionals working in corporate social responsibility for traditional companies, as well as professionals who work at socially responsible businesses, or social enterprises.  Career opportunities that enable professionals to bring their values to work are growing in the private sector.  In the nonprofit sector, traditional charities and nonprofits along with new models or social enterprises also offer management level career opportunities that successfully combine financial rewards with social impact and environmental responsibility.  Finally, in the public sector, federal, state, and local government agencies offer a wide range of career opportunities for those who want to have a positive impact in the US and beyond.

Given the diversity of these opportunities to get business done better, you want access to career advice and best practices from experienced leaders that have a proven track record of getting business done better.  Where can you find such career advice?  Of course hubs such as justmeans, along with Ashoka, Net Impact, and Echoing Green provide valuable best practices, resources, and contacts that can help you learn more about how to contribute your skills to an organization you can believe in (e.g. B Corps, L3Cs, or social intrapreneurship).  All these hubs also provide information on how to create a new organization to focus on addressing need you have identified.

Lucky you, a new series, called the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series, is launching two waves of interviews that can tremendously help accelerate your learning by giving you access to interviews with top social entrepreneurs.  The first wave of interviews started today with Bill Drayton (Founder of Ashoka).  Drayton provided key insights into the trends in social entrepreneurship and changemaking.  His main messages included making sure that every young people gets the skills needed to become a changemaker (e.g. empathy, internal locus of control, positive impact on those around them).  Today, there will also be an interview with Lynn Twist, who will provide insights into money psychology.  Finally, John Robbins who will conclude today's interviews by focusing on helping you ask yourself the right questions, as well as doing business with purpose and integrity.  The first wave of interviews will continue until 1/20/2011 with a stellar list of speakers, including Miriam Williamson, Stephen Dinan, Bruce Lipton, and Saniel Bonder.  The second wave of interviews will take place from February 8 - 11, 2011, with speakers including Ali Brown, Jeffrey Howard, and Mari Smith.

Overall, the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series is a great source of career advice to move from intention to action, and find your way to bet business done better.  To listen to the interviews live (or to a recording of past interviews),  see their website at

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