Challenge:Future Summit of Socially Innovative Youth in Slovenia

The second Challenge:Future (C:F) Summit was held at IEDC-Bled School of Management in Bled, Slovenia under the patronage of UNESCO. The Summit brought together 80 exceptionally innovative and socially motivated youth from 38 countries.

The Summit served as the pinnacle of various projects and activities carried out by C:F in 2011-12. C:F is a global youth think tank where more than 23,500 youth from 213 countries and territories have generated 1,469 social innovation ideas. The effort has seen an investment of 210,000 volunteering hours till now, and impacted the lives of over 270,000 kids, youth and adults globally.

The key topic of the Summit this year was, “Towards Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Future.” Youth below the age of 30 met with prominent business and political leaders and educators to discuss socially innovative solutions for the pressing problems that the world faces today. Some of the issues discussed at the Summit included social entrepreneurship, global youth unemployment crisis, challenges in education and the role of business in the society.

C:F is an international platform that helps promote socially response, innovative and pro-nature attitude and creativity among young individuals. This visionary project is based on values that will help create a positive future for individuals, organizations and societies. This year’s participants at the Summit included youth from diverse countries, including Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Canada, UK, Sweden and Rwanda.

The participants at the Summit were united in their drive to improve the world around them and demonstrated promising potential to build a better future for all. The average age of the C:F community is 24, and the community is represented by motivated youth such as a 22-year old IT student from India who has created a new education platform for 300,000 children, a Nigerian medical student who founded an NGO to provide jobs and promote community development for 34,000 people in the country, and a 23-year old student of bioengineering in Singapore with a socially innovative model of sustainable food distribution.


Photo Credit: duchesssa